Greg Burkher Music Lesson Contract

I look forward to teaching you or your child music lessons. I have been doing this type of tutorial for over 25 years and it has become necessary for this type of documentation. Lessons are given once a week on the same weekday and time at the students home for an entire month.

Lesson Prices:

The price of each lesson is $40.00 per each half hour. Lessons are given once a week. Except for the first trial lesson, the lessons are billed at the rate of 1 calendar month at a time, minus days of holidays listed below. Thus, weekly half hour lessons a month would be $160.00 paid in advance by mail, or at the preceding week’s lesson. Four 1 hour lessons in a month would cost $320.00. If a check does not clear the bank, that fee will be added to the bill. The introductory lesson needs also to be paid in advance by mail with a signed copy of this contract. If the student / parent would like, they can pay for the following month’s lessons at the trial lesson, and then after by mail or the last lesson of the previous month. If a check is not received by the 1st of the month for that month’s lessons it is understood the student has canceled and their name will be removed from the schedule. Checks are to be made out to Greg Burkher.


I will bring materials to the lesson for the student and pass on my store discount to the student. Prices for books range from approximately $6.00 to $11.00 each. If the parent/student agrees to a choice of books, their price is to be included in the lesson fee for the first week the books will be used.

Lesson area:

The lesson area must be free of all types of distractions. This includes BARKING DOGS, radios, TVs,Infants/children, chemical smells, cigarette smoke, etc. The teacher reserves the right to cancel a lesson for any of these reasons with NO REFUND.

Missed lessons and refunds:

The student is allowed at most 1 missed lesson a calendar month when 24 hours notice is given for that lesson. This may be deducted from the next month’s lesson fee, or given as a refund at the next lesson, or if neither are possible, mailed to the student/parent in a refund check. IF 24 hrs NOTICE IS NOT GIVEN THE CLIENT WILL BE CHARGED. If teacher must miss a lesson the client will be refunded either by mail or the next lesson. If the teacher quits the remaining lessons will be refunded by mail. The following holidays are given and not charged for a calendar month of fees: Easter Sunday (March 31); Memorial Day (May 27); Independence Day (July 4); Labor Day (Sept. 2); Thanksgiving Weekend (Nov. 28 to Dec. 1); Christmas through New Years (Dec. 25 through to Jan. 1). If you have any questions, please email at

“I have read and understood the above contract”

CLIENT’S NAME PRINT and SIGN________________________________________________________________

DATE______________________________________LESSON DAY OF WEEK_____________________________

STUDENT’S NAME (IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE) PRINT_____________________________________________


PHONE AND EMAIL___________________________________________________________________________

Teacher Address: Greg Burkher, 20929 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 47 – 185, Woodland Hills, Ca. 91364